Kardex Shuttle

The Kardex Shuttle is an automated vertical lift type storage and retrieval system which can be controlled either by its own integrated keypad control or alternatively by PC.

It has undertaken continious developement over a number of years and has been improved through new version releases to its current fourth generation model Kardex have recently introduced new technologies and materials to ensure that the technology onboard remains at the forefront of automated logistics solutions.

The stock which is stored within the Shuttle remains static on the front and rear tray locations.

By demand the movable extractor unit travels vertically between the two columns of trays and collects the requested tray from its location and brings it to the picking port.

The operator is then able to pick or replenish the stock as desired and the relevant tray is returned to its storage location by the extractor unit.

An excellent solution when you need high density storage, unrestricted flexibility in height and increased order picking productivity.

It can be custom built to maximise the use of your available headroom with units available up to 30 metres high. One unit can carry a gross payload load of up to 60 tonnes.

The Shuttle is a fully automated and intelligent product which can simultaneously measure, weigh and allocate products to be stored in the most space efficient location within it.

Combined with the Kardex PowerPick software you will be able to maximize the efficient use of your inventory giving details of availability, transactional history, and space utilisation to boost your productivity increase even further. Kardex Shuttle

kardex-shuttleIncreased Picking Speed – Kardex Shuttles presents stock to the operator on the goods to man principle. The correct tray will be brought by the extractor to the access level. Software will tell the operator how many items to pick. Stock will also be sorted into an optimum picking sequence minimizing machine travel time. Anticipated improvements in picking speeds are four-fold.

Saving Space – Kardex Shuttles have an extremely high capacity within the smallest of foot print. Floor space savings of 80% will be typical when compared with conventional storage products.

Saving Time – The systems delivers the selected tray to the access position in a matter of seconds. Lengthy periods of time wasted searching for stock are a thing of the past.

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