What We Do

We supply machines to a wide range of different Industries and have a diverse customer base. Our customers are involved in a variety of manufacturing, warehousing and storage businesses and examples of these include Aerospace, Electronics, Healthcare, Transport and Precision Engineering.

In addition to supplying end users of automated storage equipment we are also able to supply trade and other Storage equipment companies.

Because we are a Company who deal exclusively with Vertical Carousels, we are always looking to purchase surplus or redundant machines. These can be purchased outright for cash or sold on your behalf for commission, dependent on your individual company needs.

Our engineers are all licensed, insured and manufacturer trained and have worked together consistently.

Should there be a requirement we are able to offer control upgrades to your existing Kardex and Linpic Machines starting with a basic shelf locating system through to a fully integrated PC control.

We can supply new containers for use within your Vertical Storage Carousels and often have secondhand containers available and in stock.

Please Contact us for all  Kardex or Linpic Vertical Storage Carousel requirements.

Secondhand Vertical Carousel

Linpic  Storage Carousel